Antiques For Sale – How To Make Your Online Antique Hunt Much Easier?

Antiques For Sale – How To Make Your Online Antique Hunt Much Easier?

One of the home decorating trends that is becoming very popular again is adding antique furniture pieces to various places around the home.

However, before you go shopping for antiques for sale, keep in mind that decorating your space with such items requires proper planning and organisation; without it your home could end up looking more like an antique shop than a home.

So whether you are looking for the perfect vintage couch to place as a highlight in your living room or you’re searching for antique dressers for your bedroom, it’s necessary to find the perfect place to shop.

Antique for sale

To help you, here are the some of the best online antiques shops and ideas to guide you through your antique furniture hunt.

Driscolls Antiques Ltd


As one of the top antique sellers in the United Kingdom, Driscolls Antiques Ltd takes pride in offering English antique furniture for sale.

This company has a wide range of authentic antique furniture pieces online, as well as in their warehouse at Close to Preston, Skipton, Manchester, Clitheroe, Lancashire, Harrogate, Leeds and in North Yorkshire.

Run by James and Rebecca Driscoll, this small family business has been established for over 25 years. The company is known for the quality of all its unique antique collectables and British antique furniture.

They started as a house clearance business and small shop offering antiques, but the business has continued to expand and is now recognised by both CINOA and LAPADA.

Driscolls Antiques Ltd is accepting enquiries from buyers, collectors and dealers who are into top quality antique furniture.

The business would also like to inform everyone that where necessary the antiques that are for sale are beautifully restored with the use of traditional restoration methods. They also provide delivery services for orders with the United Kingdom, as well as internationally.

As for the range of items in the shop, Driscolls Antiques Ltd takes pride in their high-quality antiques, which are made using the best quality materials including the finest quality timbers. Using the top restoration techniques available today, every item is restored, cleaner and brought back to its original finish.

If you have been spending hours, if not days, searching for a special piece of furniture, then why not rely on Driscolls Antiques Ltd? You can do all of the searching for furniture pieces in the comfort of your home rather than having to search through auctions, antique fairs or antique centres.

Let Driscolls Antiques Ltd help make it easy for you to find that perfect antique for your home.


What is the best website to sell antiques?

There are a lot of great places today where one can sell their antiques, and one of the top options for this is Etsy, where everyone can sell custom-made and handmade items. Other choices include OfferUp (which is pretty much like Craigslist), Ruby Lane (which specialises in vintage items), Artfire, Craigslist, and even on Facebook.

Where can I buy cheap antiques online?

With so many places to buy antiques online, number one on the list is the online marketplace – LAPADA, where shoppers can find beautiful and unique pieces. Other places to pick from include Auctionata and AuctionMe, The Old Cinema, 1stdibs, Barneby’s, LiveAuctioneers, Circa Vintage, as well as Invaluable.

What are some valuable antiques?

Antique stores offer a lot of valuable collectables and items to purchase, like silverware and jadeite. There are also rare and vintage guitars, old photographs, depression glass, canning jars, perfume bottles and so much more available from most shops that offer antiques.

Where do you sell antiques?

Among the easiest and fastest ways to get cash from antiques is selling them to pawn shops or speciality dealers. A pawn shop is an ideal choice for high-demand or general antiques such as coins, jewellery, and valuable metal pieces.

A speciality dealer, on the other hand, is the better option for high-value items like vases or paintings, as well as specific things such as video games, branded merchandise, and movies.

How can you tell if an antique is valuable?

One good way to confirm if an antique is valuable is to check the “RADAR”, which stands for Rarity, Aesthetics, Desirability, Authenticity, and Really great condition. By checking for these five qualities, it is easier to tell if an antique item is of significant value or is even worth keeping or buying.

How do I get antiques valued?

For those who are planning to get a free appraisal locally, one of the best things to do is to attend a Local Auction House’s Appraisal Day.

On the other hand, it is also recommended that you visit major local antique or appraisal shops. This provides you with the opportunity to ask questions and discover the history of the item at hand.

How do I find antiques online?

Visiting online antique stores is the best way to easily find vintage and rare items to buy. There’s Amazon, which is a perfect place for those who are into selling or buying antique items.

Other options include Ruby Lane, which is another great marketplace to get collectables, and Webstore, which is an up and coming auction shop.

How do I start selling antiques online?

People who are interested in selling antiques online can visit eBay and check out the entire, non-active listings to check the specific items being sold.

There’s also, which is a collectable and antique mall online,, which is an expert in antiques, and the

How is an antique defined?

Antique is an object or item of significant age that is valued for its historical importance and even its aesthetics. This term typically refers to items that are more than a hundred years old, when it comes to antique trade.

On the other hand, items that are over 50 years old should then be considered to be vintage.

Sellingantiques Ltd

Bringing 484 antique sellers and buyers together in one marketplace is the main goal of Sellingantiques Ltd.

Here, seasoned collectors and the general public can search over 58,139 antiques for sale Clitheroe that come from top dealers across the UK. The items that they have available have been valued at around £94,001,000.

Since the launch of Sellingantiques Ltd, thousands of customers visit their site every day, and over £378,000,000 worth of stock from the dealers has been sold.

And as one of UK’s biggest antique websites, everyone will surely find the item they’re looking for, whether it is an antique kettle stand, a vintage keeper’s cupboard, or an old mahogany console table, this website has got it all.

loveantiques is the perfect website for those who are opting to buy or sell antiques online.

This marketplace offers a huge variety of antiques for sale that are offered online from trusted dealers. They also make sure that each item posted on the website is checked by their knowledgeable and experienced team.

People who are interested in buying items from this website can contact the seller directly for any product-related questions. From classic arts, jewellery and watches, to glassware, and more, everyone can choose from the thousands of antiques available.

Customers are also guaranteed to get nothing but the latest quality items from this marketplace’s registered dealers.



One way to create a functional and minimalistic space is through using modern furnishings and furniture pieces.

However, getting antiques with unique shapes and styles is also a great way to level up your interior. From antique dining chairs and tables, to display cabinets and side tables, using such pieces is the ideal way to improve the look and vibe of any space.

The best part is, eBay also offers a range of antique clocks that are perfect for those who are looking for additional vintage pieces. They have big wall models and even train station models that will surely give that exciting feeling of travelling back to the past.

Antiques Atlas


Antiques Atlas offers an online place where people can buy antiques for sale Lancashire that they like without having to visit a physical shop. Anyone can check the current stock for their favourite items from the comfort of their homes.

From decorative Georgina silverware, a vintage compass box made of oak to an antique file unit, this online shop has got it all.

Antiques Atlas has over 55,000 items in stock from various dealers all around the United Kingdom without charging commission on sales. Buyers can also get in touch with the dealers directly through email or by phone call.

Plus, delivery is also offered by many of the individual dealers.


Gumtree, a platform designed to offer a wide range of antiques for sale online, ensures every customer has multiple options on the website to choose from.

One of the featured items on the website is an antique Persian rug carpet that is made of Qum silk and originated from Central Persia.

They also have a broad selection of antique furniture, including a piece made from French Renaissance oak that is in great condition.

For people who are into collecting small antique pieces, Gumtree also has a collection of coins, tokens and medals on their listing, including the First World War Death Penny for Richard Henry Jones.



Offering a range of collectables, antiques and vintages items in the United Kingdom, AntiqueForSale is a great resource for people who are into buying quality antiques. Here, buyers can browse a huge selection of antique clocks, furniture, silver, paintings, and various other collectables.

Whether you are looking for English Georgian, French Country, Art Deco, or Arts & Crafts, shoppers can easily look around using the comparison tool from AntiqueForSale.

This shop is made up of dealers offering vintage and antiques for sale and is open 24/7. With that said, shoppers and collectors can browse, compare, and buy the items they love anytime they want.

the saleroom


The saleroom is the perfect place online where everyone can discover a great collection of unique and fantastic items while at home sitting on their couches. This online auction website allows shoppers to easily bid on items that they love.

Interested parties just have to give the maximum amount they wish to pay, and the saleroom will do the rest. With such a service, everyone can surely get the antique items they love without too much hassle.

For shoppers and collectors who are into vintage fashion, antique Windsor chair furniture, decorative art, or collectables, this website ensures everyone gets that perfect purchase.



With over 39980 antiques for sale on Etsy that cost £24.59 on average, shoppers and collectors are definitely in luck.

They can browse through thousands of antique or vintage items, and easily purchase products that they like. From antiques made of silver or other metals, you will find what you are looking for on Etsy.

This online marketplace is also proud to offer millions of vintage and handmade items from reliable dealers and markers around the world.

From antique silver tone charms and an antique 19th century decanter box to handmade and engraved cigar boxes, Etsy have it on sale.

Dollies Emporium


Dollies Emporium is passionate about searching for antiques, as well as quirky and unusual collectables through the ages. This business is committed to acquiring such unique items from auction houses and private individuals, then sell them to their loyal buyers and clients in the UK.

They are also committed to establishing a reliable and honest relationship with their new and old clients, aiming for 100% customer satisfaction. The items on offer are fairly priced, the realistic and accurate conditions are also properly indicated, and new items are added every week.

PM Antiques Collectables


PM Antiques & Collectables is dedicated to helping those who want to make cash from their surplus items. Interested parties can quickly get a request for free quotes in just a few clicks.

This online retailer also assures everyone with nothing but transparent and professionals assistance, from assisting in completing the submission form to offering advice and ideas.

The shop offers a wide selection of items including silver, coins, metal ware, vintage and antique jewellery and watches, contemporary art, books, ephemera and stamps, decorate and studio interiors, as well as furniture.

All orders and enquiries are also properly administered by the company.

Georgian Antiques


Georgian Antiques takes pride in their huge selections of genuine antiques in Scotland. Their items can be seen in the over 50,000 square feet of floor area in Leith, Edinburgh’s historic area.

They also assure every customer, regardless of whether they are a private or trade client, that their vast showroom houses only fine cheap antique furniture for sale.

And since their stock often changes, each customer is advised to seek help from one of the staff when planning a visit in their antique showroom.

Customers can browse around the website at their leisure and Georgian Antiques are open to answering any queries regarding the products they have on offer.

Aberdeen and Northern Marts


Buyers and collectors have a vast range of choices when visiting Aberdeen and Northern Marts’ sales hall at Elgin. This sales hall houses their weekly and quarterly furniture pieces and antiques for sale online Clitheroe.

This well-established centre attracts not just a huge number of online bidders but also individual shoppers in the United Kingdom. With their huge selections of furnishings, furniture pieces and antiques, everyone will surely find something they would love to buy.

At the same time, interested parties can also visit the Elgin Saturday Market, which is a popular event where shoppers can find fresh farm produce and vegetables, clothes, and even hardware items.

Antique Church Furnishings


Antique Church Furnishings is considered to be a hidden treasure among Architectural and Antiques salvage businesses in the United Kingdom. It is also deemed to be one of the leading suppliers of Antique Ecclesiastical Furnishings, fixtures, fittings, and furniture in Great Britain.

Other options on sale include Original Church Pews and Church Chapel antique chairs. For those who want to personalise their benches and pews, Antique Church Furnishings can also provide such service.

Aside from their featured antique oak Victorian church pulpit, Antique Church Furnishings offers other fine items including tables and altars, antique chairs for sale, furniture, decorative items, railings, as well as other church equipment.

Gilboy’s Limited


Located in Staverton, Devon, Gilboy’s Limited is known for their impressive showroom and workshops that boast a huge collection of antiques.

This company offers a wide range of items including fine art pieces, sculptures, antique furniture, as well as faithfully restored vintage French chandeliers that will surely light up any room in a different yet beautiful way.

Some of the store’s finest items include an antique courtroom pine table, mahogany kneehole antique desk for sale, toilet, mirror, a Georgian snap-top table, as well as a 6ft Florentine style mirror.

For customers who are ordering internationally and that make orders over £50, the shop is happy is to offer free shipping.

Greenslade Taylor Hunt


Greenslade Taylor Hunt operates an extensive programme of auctions for those who are into collecting old and vintage items. This company has a wide range of experience in offering collectables and antiques for sale online Lancashire.

Their monthly antiques on sale include ceramics jewellery and furniture pieces. On the other hand, their sporting sales takes place twice a year, and their collectors’ sales occur quarterly.

For interested parties, Greenslade Taylor Hunt is glad to offer free advice and valuations for probate, insurance and family division, whether it is for a home visit or at the salesroom. There is also online bidding available for everyone.

antiquesbay is a perfect place for those who are into selling, buying and trading antiques. This website boasts an impressive selection of antiques, which include antique furniture pieces, rare coins, silverware, books, porcelain, and antique Victorian chairs.

Customers can easily search for the particular types of antiques they are looking for in the site’s search bar. At the same time, antique enthusiasts and dealers can also opt to sell their collectables and antiques on the website. is definitely a great place to find and showcase antiques. They will also soon offer a new feature where individuals can submit antique items on their “Make me an offer” section.

Flea Market Insiders

In the past, it seemed quite impossible for an individual seller to compete against a huge company like eBay. This guide presents three of the top online stores that offer antique pieces of furniture for sale, which you can look at and maybe, use to sell your items in the near future.

  1. Ruby Lane – a platform that is specifically designed to offer antiques and vintage items. It is also the only one of its kind to feature in the guide.
  2. Esty – this platform was established back in 2005 and has carved its way into being an alternative market that is focused on the purchase of vintage and handmade items from various sellers.


In Cockermouth, the latest fine art and antique auction reached the highest total in recent years. Organised by auctioneers Mitchells, the sale has acquired about £410,000, which was greatly welcomed under current market trends.

Mark Wise, the saleroom director and also an auctioneer, said that this was their best sale for the past four years. With some surprises here and there, they managed to sell almost all furniture and vintages items including an antique nursing chair.

One of the most valuable clocks on the sale was the astronomical long case clock by Edward Harriman with a mahogany and oak case that sold for £9,800.

Keys Fine Art Auctioneers


With years of experience in the industry, Keys Antiques is committed to offering quality furniture, jewellery, watches, ceramics, clocks, oriental artefacts, collectables, and a range of other cheap antiques for sale. The range of items on offer covers different periods up until the 20th century.

Other items that are sold on Keys Antiques’ monthly Antique and Interior Sales include Antique furniture, metal ware, vintage clothing, scientific items, glassware, toys, and other antique furniture pieces.

Apart from their Antique and Interior Sales, they also have Fine Sales and Specialist Sales to showcase specialist and fine antiques, which are held throughout the entire year.

Robert Bell & Company


Robert Bell & Company is committed to accepting entries on behalf of private vendors, as well as solicitors and executors. This auction department is delighted to advise and provide assistance to valuations, reserves, and suitability of entries.

They can also arrange some home visits when necessary in order to effectively assess entries. The department is currently accepting a huge selection of high-value items and cheap antiques for sale online, including furniture, clocks, metal ware, linen, toys, and a lot more.

Furthermore, the sale catalogue is created following entries and distributed on the mailing list and online. Their saleroom is also sure to attract many buyers every month.

Indeed, antiques are precious relics of the past. Most of these items hold the weight of obsolete etiquette and customs.

The best part about these is that they are great reminders of the hardships and extravagances of the period or era they came from.

So, if you are one of those who are into such items, now is the time to consider buying one. Since there are also thousands of antiques for sale right now, it can be quite hard to choose which timeless quality pieces you should get.

Start with the list above to give you an easy search for the best quality and type of antiques that you can get for your home!